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Step back in time to one of North Carolina's most intact turn-of-the-century railroad towns... beautiful Apex, NC.

Peebles Dairy

Did you know that not so long ago Apex had it’s own dairy? Peebles Dairy flourished just six blocks off North Salem Street. For some old time Apex residents it might seem a bit strange that there is not a cow, barn, pasture or milking stall to remind newcomers of our hometown dairy.

Wayland Peebles got into the dairy business in 1930. The dairy milked the cows by hand - strained and bottled in the “milk house”. Each glass bottle bore the imprint “A bottle of milk is a bottle of health”. Some of these bottles with the original caps can be seen in the memorabilia room at the Maynard Pearson House. The dairy was closed in 1943. It could be said the dairy was a casualty of war… it could not find enough workers during the war and was sold off. Hunter Valley subdivision is built on the former Peebles Dairy land. The original farmhouse was moved and is located on Hunter Street so part of the farm was preserved.

This Apex Memory is from Wayland Peebles daughter, Charlotte who was kind enough to share them with the Apex Historical Society.

Want to know more about Apex?

Your AHS will be happy to provide educational sessions to those interested in learning more of the history of our area and town. Educational walking tours of the Apex Historical District are offered to school, scout and private groups of individuals upon request. Tours of the Maynard-Pearson House can also be arranged. It would be best to have 10-12 persons in a group to decide the structure of the sessions. Upon "graduation" it is hoped that more will feel prepared to lead tours and assist in discussions. Contact Judy Miles at
363-3268 if interested.

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