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Oral History project training sessions were held on February 7th and 21st, 2009, to establish a base of trained interviewers. The next activities for each trainee is to select people to interview, schedule each session and begin the process of collecting oral history.

Members trained to date

Hope Blackford
Henry Brown
Debbie Douglass
Margot Knepp
John Pearson
Mary Petersen
Mack Thorpe
Henry Brown
LaVerne Seagroves
Jim Bennett
Eleanor Hennessey
Stephen Hennessey
Hamilton Martin
Shawn Fuller
Tracey Hanburger
Margaret Moore
Karen Reed

Scenes from the classes

Project training

Molly stepping through the interview process

Mary covering the forms

Records are an important part of the process

Taking a break

Cookies, cake and coffee

Peter Galluzo videotaping a practice interview

Practice interviewing

More practice

A little talk time

Soaking it all in

Plan the interview
Photos courtesy of
Mack Thorpe

Jim, Hamilton and Molly planning strategies

Do you remember when...

We are grateful to Peter and Sharon Galluzzo for providing video recording services for the Oral History project. Please check out their local Home Video Studio services for your personal video needs.

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